Become a Vanjaro Affiliate

Make money with Vanjaro by driving traffic to it. A simple affiliate program for everyone with no caps on commissions, monthly payouts, and 90 day tracking.

Sky is the limit 
with unlimited referrals


There are no caps on how much you can make. Earn $50 to $150 for every new paying customer referred by you.
There are no caps or limits. You'll earn a commission for each new customer referred by you. The commission amount is determined based on the plan purchased and ranges from a minimum of $50 to $150. 
No. Commissions are only awarded for new customers that are referred by you. You cannot use the affiliate program to refer yourself an earn commission on your first plan.
Your personalized dashboard will keep track of all referrals including clicks, sign ups, and conversions. It will list your conversions, commissions, and conversation ratio. 


90 day cookie policy ensures that you continue to get paid for any referred traffic up to 90 days in future. creates a cookie on the device of all users that are referred using your referral link. This cookie associates the user with your Affiliate ID and continues to track for up to 90 days. A user has up to 90 days to make a purchase for it to be credited to your account. 


Payouts are made via PayPal, 60 days after each transaction on 15th of every month. $100 withdrawal minimum applies.
No. At this time, payouts are only made via PayPal. 
Commissions are held for 60 days to ensure the customer does not cancel plan. Commissions are not awarded if a plan is cancelled within 60 days. 
Your account must have a minimum of $100 unpaid commissions before a payout is made. Any unpaid commissions that do not meet the minimum withdrawal are pushed to next month. 
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